Saturday, June 28, 2008

Mavrokefalides agreed with Aris but..

Loukas Mavrokefalides might have not had the progress everyone thought he would. Being drafted in number 57 by Minnesota in 2006 everyone thought that Mavrokefalides' pure talent would eventually help him ascend to the magic world of the NBA. Unfortunately for Mavrokefalides, bad career choices did not give him the playing time he needed and having switched from Paok to Roma, Valencia and most recently Olympiacos he has been sidelined as a bench player.

According to greek media Andrea Mazzon has had telephone conversations with Mavrokefalides expaining to him the role he wants him to have in Aris and the outcome was positive. Unfortunately for Aris, Mavrokefalides has 2 more years to go in his contract with Olympiacos. Although he has agreed to wear the shirt of Aris for the next 2 years it remains to be seen what Olympiacos will decide about his fate.

It is obvious that Mavrokefalides' presence in the roster of Olympiacos might seem redundant especially after the signing of Vujcic and the slow but steady return of the Big Sofo. Let's not forget here that there is also Bouroussis competing for a place in the roster. Even so the relationship between the 2 teams is not the greatest and the possibility of Mavrokefalides to play on-loan for a different team is also very possible.

Mavrokefalides has averaged 3.6 points and 3.2 rebounds in a total of 18 games for A1 league.