Saturday, December 6, 2008

Belinelli wants to leave the Warriors

Marco Belinelli(1.96-SG/SF) is not having a good time in Golden State and he expressed his feelings in an interview to Gazzetta Delllo Sport saying that he can't wait to leave the Warriors and go to another team in the NBA

He was expecting more playing time in Golden State as he trained really hard this summer. So far he has averaged less than 8 minutes per game in 11 games in the NBA and also averaged 3 points and 0.5 rebounds.

When asked about returning to Europe he said that it's not something that is in his immediate plans. He is concerned about his future as he doesn't want to stay in Golden State anymore under coach Nelson and because the market in the NBA is more complicated than Europe so it will be hard for him to find a team to buy his contract..


-.-.-.-.-LA COCA-.-.-.-.-. said...

es lo + tu blog

Sheed said...

he absolutely deserves more minutes..

The Pragmatic Liberal said...

If he played like even a good D player when he got his chances he'd get minutes, as Morrow showed early on. He is a scorer who doesn't score, can't play much defense, is out of position a lot and we'd love for some team, any team, to offer up even a lowish draft pick for him. Hey, New York, you can have a trio to appeal to your Italian fans. Are you listening?