Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A center and Videnov for Aris?

Aris are looking all over the place for new talent.

In Aris they have some targets in mind and very soon they will be sealing the deal with a hot new prospect from the north. I mentioned this earlier today in my Twitter account. Some countries are not known for their basketball talent production.. he comes from one of these countries and it's not Russia. You might think some teams would have not missed a player with the physique of Aleks Maric.

The new player that will be announced soon will close the gap in the front-line and quite possibly he will be the starting center. A fellow countryman of his has played for Aris in the past and he can vouch for how it is to play in Greece and the A1. The deal is very close to be finalised so I can't publish any more information at this time but this player hasn't played in Greece before and he is NBA material with the prospect of playing there in the future.

Also in Aris they will try to sign Filip Videnov again although there is a significant gap between what the player is asking and what Aris are willing to pay. This will allow Aris to quite possibly sign a foreign guard or if negotiations fail Aris will be signing a non-European small forward.

Videnov is currently playing with the Bulgarian National Team and he is the best player of his team so his asking price might difficult to bring down.

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