Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Rumors about Roderick Blakney

You never know..

According to information of the Hoop, Roderick Blakney is one of the alternative solutions of Aris for the position of the point-guard.  Sam Van Rossom(1.88-PG) is the first choice but in Aris they won't be able to compete with a team that can offer Olimpia Milano more money to acquire the player on-loan.

On ther hand not much is happening in Panellinios and the team resemles a ghost town of sorts. So in Aris they're thinking that if Van Rossom is lost(Zaragoza was the last team that was interested) they could turn to veteran Roderick Blakney(1.81-PG) who knows the Greek League after many years of playing there and he also has a Bulgarian passport that allows him to play without occupying a foreigner spot. Despite his 34 years of age Blakney had a great season with Panellinios going all the way to the Final 4 of the Eurocup. He averaged 11.2 points 2.1 rebounds and 3.1 asists in 18 games in the Eurocup.

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