Thursday, September 4, 2008

CSKA GM dismisses rumors about Ben Gordon

Soviet Sport published an article today that tries to decypher the situation about Ben Gordon.

Soviet Sport says that they contacted Nikos Zabaras, a basketball reporter of the greek newspaper Fos and asked him about the article that was published on about Ben Gordon. Nikos Zabaras said that the agent of Ben Gordon wanted the article published on in order to increase the projected salary of his client. He also said that the player was offered to other NBA teams but only under his conditions and that CSKA was willing to pay him 5.5 million dollars per year. Finally the greek correspondent said that CSKA and Ben Gordon are still in negotiations.

So Soviet Sport decided to speak to the big man of CSKA Moscow, general manager Andrey Vatutin who eloquently said: "This whole thing is a dirty trick of the newspapers, we are NOT in negotiations with Ben Gordon. At the moment all of our staff are currently on holiday. I'm personally on holidays in France and I haven't heard anything about Ben Gordon."