Thursday, July 9, 2009

Foreign players number changes in Greece

Today the association of the A1 greek teams(ESAKE) convened and the main subject that was set for voting was the change of the number of foreign players allowed in greek teams. Before today the rule was that all greek teams were allowed a total of 6 non-greek players, out of which there could have been a maximum 2 of non-european players.

Today that was changed to a maximum of 3 non-european players. All the greek teams to participate in the next season voted positive to that change. The matter has now been passed to approval to the chairman of the greek basketball federation, Georgios Vasilakopoulos. It is considered to be a done deal and by some it is considered to be a necessary measure given the current economic climate where most greek teams will have to reduce their players' budget. This development changes the planning of all teams and gives them the opportunity to sign another player from the american(mainly) market.

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