Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Edin Bavcic to sign with Aris for 2 more seasons?

Bavcic likes Greece!

Many teams want to secure a good catch and in this case Bosnian forward/center Edin Bavcic(2.11-PF/C) could be signing his next contract with Aris BC. Bavcic recently signed with Aris to help em in the last few
games of the regular season and the play-offs after the departure of Dejan Borovnjak(2.09-PF/C) and the administration and the coaching stuff of Aris have been quite happy with his performance.

Bavcic came from Khimik of Ukraine but before that he played a few games for Brindisi in Italy. He seems to have found his role in Aris now and he is one of the most important players in their front line. So far he has
averaged 10 points and 6.2 rebounds in 9 games in Greece for Aris. According to Greek newspaper Exedra the deal is going to be announced in the next few days and what seems to be holding it back is the shifts in the
team's administration. Bavcic did say that it's up to Aris now.

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