Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sferopoulos has offer from CSKA

Best Greek coaches are leaving the country..

Giannis Sferopoulos, former head coach of Kolossos Rhodes BC for the last 3 seasons, gave an interview to basketnet.gr where he did admit that he is thinking about leaving the country because he has an offer from CSKA Moscow and he is thinking about it.

Obviously this means he will be the assistant coach of Jonas Kazlauskas, much like he was his assistant in the National Team of Greece. Sferopoulos had 3 successful season with Kolossos where he managed to create competitive teams with very little money and have a decent run in the A1 league leading his team in the play-offs each season.

Sferopoulos spoke about the bad situation of the Greek A1 league where coaches cannot work undisturbed, hinting that teams don't really pay their players or if they do it's months later of when they should have. Sferopoulos was implicated in rumors regarding Aris BC earlier this season so this might also be in his list of options.

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Emili Paz said...

If this pushes through, then there are good prospects for CSKA this coming season as coach Sferopoulos has done really well in Greek domestic leagues (as proven by his track record). This is probably the reason why he was given the offer, too. But still, he has a large act to follow with Vujosevic who failed to take the Russian champs to their 9th consecutive Final Four appearance.