Monday, July 7, 2014

Kostas Mitoglou heading to Wake Forest?

College life ahead!

Kostas Mitoglou(2.07-PF/C) is one of the most promising Greek prospects. Having turned 18 just last month a whole world of possibilities opens up in front of him. According to greek media Mitoglou travelled to the US to explore college options. Although Temple did stand out for him, the one that stood out the most was Wake Forest. Tim Duncan will always be a good selling point for Wake Forest's resume.

Mitoglou got signed to Aris BC from Asteria AC last season but as he turned 18 he has not yet signed a professional contract. There was a private contract that was signed between Mitoglou's parents and Aris BC that the player would sign a professional contract once he turned 18 but that has not taken place. Now the money that was invested has to be returned as per the private contract.

Aris BC are not happy about this situation as they invested a significant amount of money(for the club's financial situation) and now the player is leaving them for the NCAA. Sources from within the team say that Aris will be taking this up with FIBA to claim any rights as they harbored the player in their AC section and even gave him the chance to play in the A1 league, albeit 3 games. The issue has been left now to sort out between Aris and Nikos Lotsos, the player's agent.

Mitoglou is currently representing Greece in the U18 Eurobasket in Turkey later this month.

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