Friday, July 25, 2014

Lefteris Bochoridis has interest from Panathinaikos, Barcelona and Olimpia Milano

Bochoridis is back in demand!

This time it's not just Panathinaikos but also Olimpia Milano and Barcelona in the mix. It seems that unlike what some people thought and the trajectory of the Greek U20 National Team, Lefteris Bochoridis(1.96-PG/SG) is in demand in Europe currently. According to, the 3 Euroleague teams want to enlist the services of Bochoridis and all 3 of them will have to submit offers to his team Aris BC to purchase the player.

Previously the former agent of Bochoridis, Nikos Lotsos said that he can't be the agent of Bochoridis if he's going to sign with Panathinaikos, so he wished him well and passed on the representation of the player to Giorgos Sferopoulos (currently the agent of Kostas Papanikolaou(2.03-SF/PF), we'll come back to that). There has been bad blood between Panathinaikos and Lotsos and the Athenian team do NOT under any circumstances want to deal with him so this obstacle was removed for Panathinaikos. There are 2 new ones though.

Olimpia Milano and Barcelona are now contenders for Bochoridis according to the article. Barcelona already have the relationship with Bochoridis' agent via Kostas Papanikolaou and their intention is to sign the player and then lend him to another team in the ACB for Bochoridis to see some quality playing time. He wouldn't be able to swim in the deep end currently and find some space in Barcelona's rotation but a year in the ACB with some quality minutes could do wonders for a player in that age.

Olimpia could be losing Hackett after his disciplinary offense with the Italian National Team and they might want to invest in young blood instead.

Panathinaikos on the other hand are rumored to be making a comeback according to the article. It says they've re-approached Bochoridis and the administration of Aris and they might be making an actual offer to sign the player this time. Let's not forget that Dimitris Giannakopoulos was going to pay a hefty amount of over a million dollars to repatriate Nick Calathes and that is no longer happening.

So whichever team makes the best offer, wins!

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