Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Aris to replace Drucker with Sferopoulos?

I bet you weren't expecting that..well me neither..

This must be a first for the Greek A1 League or if it has happened before I surely don't remember it. Then again I'm not that old but let's cut to the chase. This is not 100% confirmed rumor but very close to that and it says that Giannis Sferopoulos will be leaving Kolossos BC for Aris BC.

Sferopoulos will be replacing Sharon Drucker who probably never got accustomed to the Greek League and chances are he never will. So it seems that Sferopoulos will be leaving Kolossos to become the head coach of Aris and this move raises a lot of questions. Kolossos BC have never been implicated in any rumors of financial problems for the last two and a half seasons that Sferopoulos has been the head coach and he has done quite a good job considering the limited resources that he had at his disposal. In fact I wasn't even sure whether the rules of the Greek League allow such a move between teams right in the middle of the regular season but apparently the rule only affects players. Then again not even Kolossos BC could be immune to the recession that has sweeped the globe. And if this is the case it would explain why Sferopoulos wants to move to a more secure environment.

It is rumored that Sharon Drucker is technically on loan from Maccabi Tel Aviv as Drucker didn't want to be assistant coach again and David Blatt didn't really want him as his assistant coach. So initially the deal suited quite a few sides but then again Sharon Drucker has used some peculiar lineups and combined with a total disrespect to team defense he managed to lose games that could've easily been won. And he lost them against teams with weaker rosters and lesser wallets. To be perfectly honest he did quite well in the Eurocup but one must play hard-nose defense in order to survive in the Greek league and Drucker didn't do that.

So Sferopoulos could be the next head coach of Aris and one might think why are they waiting in Aris for things to go really bad before they make a substantial and objectively good move hiring such a talented and promising coach. The same happened with Fotis Katsikaris who didn't manage to withstand the pressure of a bench that had 21 titles hanging over it. Will Sferopoulos doing it at this juncture? It's hard to tell..

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