Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Palacio returns to Baskonia

He did it again.

Now that the Greek play-offs are over for Kavala BC and Milton Palacio's(1.93-PG) services are no longer needed the Belizean point guard will return once again to Baskonia exactly like he did last summer, helping Baskonia conquer the ACB. His services were required at Baskonia again and he comes out of a very productive season where he was the cornerstone of the Greek team leading them to the play-offs.

He averaged 15.6 points 2.7 rebounds and 3.8 assists in 26 games for the Greek team leading them to the 6th position in the leaderboard. The deal should be announced soon by Baskonia once the medical tests have been completed.

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Emili Paz said...

Palacio has been doing well during his stint at Kavala and Caja Laboral are looking to make use of his talent in the ACB, and hopefully in the Euroleague too, depending on how this agreement shapes up. Nonetheless, anyone can remember that Caja Laboral just fell short of making it to the Final Four after they were beaten by Maccabi in their series despite holding the home court advantage. And thus, the team are looking to beef up its roster for next season.