Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Sito Alonso a candidate for Olympiakos?

Wouldn't be a total suprise if he were to be the chosen one!

According to allstarkourouna, Sito Alonso's name has not come up yet in any article or rumor related to the next head coach of Olympiakos. The author says that Chris Flemming's buy-out price was 100,000 dollars that were to be paid to Bamberg and his salary would have been 400,000 dollars. Apparently that was deemed too high for the administration of Olympiakos. His Greek agent, Giorgos Dimitropoulos said according to, that Olympiakos never made an official offer for Flemming to Bamberg.

Sito Alonso is also meant to be on their list although it seems unlikely that a coach from the ACB will ever succeed in Greece as they are 2 completely different leagues.Not impossible though. Lagun Aro's spectacular run in the ACB amazed everyone and won Alonso the head of the year award and perhaps some brownie points with the Aggelopoulos brothers.  As for Bartzokas, like the rest of us he is still waiting for an answer. This saga is beginning to rival the Spanoulis decision. Don't laugh!

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