Saturday, July 6, 2013

Spanoulis hopeful to stay in Olympiakos

Things are possibly looking good for the fans of Olympiakos.

According to, Vassilis Spanoulis(1.93-PG/SG) is very likely to stay with Olympiakos for the next 3 seasons. The player met with the owners of the team yesterday and the consensus of their 4.5 hours conversations was that things are looking good for a renewal of his contract.

Spanoulis wanted assurances that the team would still maintain a high level of standards in the upcoming seasons and also discussed the composition of the team. It seems from that, that Spanoulis would like to possibly maintain his legacy and his reputation, which is something to be expected. If all goes well then he would be receiving 2 million euros per season for the next 3 seasons down from 2.4 millions. It was also said that Spanoulis himself had not discussed with any other team so the rumors flying around about negotations with Barcelona, CSKA Moscow and Galatasaray could be negotiations that his agent would have had.

He said the following:

"The discussion was very positive. We're on a good track but it's yet to be seen. We were mostly discussing mostly other matters mostly and not my own contracts, regarding the project of Olympiakos."

Below is a video from his statements:

Δηλώσεις Βασίλη Σπανούλη μετά το ραντεβού με... by sport24tv

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