Monday, August 5, 2013

Aris signed Aleksandar Vezenkov for 3 seasons

One of the best prospects in Europe in his age.

Aris BC announced the signing of Aleksandar Vezenkov(2.03-SF/PF) via their official werbiste. The situation has changed in Aris and it shows. The combined efforts of the new administration and the new head coach managed to retain one of the top prospects in Europe of the class of 95. The borderline-criminal administration that stepped down managed to leave the team in debt of approximately 5.5 million euros. In a way the amounts could be bigger as this is the information that was given to the public but people that know the situation from within the team speak of much larger debts.

Leaving that aside, the new administration managed to secure a transfer that seemed a feat of epic proportions if you take into consideration that other clubs were involved with a wealth that surpasses Aris in the tenfold and beyond. No more no less than Barcelona, Fenerbahce, Anadolu Efes, Bamberg and Olympiakos were interested in the young prospect but what they could offer in money or the league they play in they couldn't offer in playing time and the promise to work with Vezenkov as if he was the star of the team.

Coming from a dominating performance versus peers in the U18 Eurobasket by topping the scoring leaderboard and excelling in many other statistical categories, Vezenkov has 3 seasons to look forward to where he will be making his first steps as a professional basketball player. This could also be the beginning of a new era for the Greek Emperor of old. The team with 21 titles that was 3.5 years undefeated and that retired the no 6 shirt of the living legend of Greek basketball, Nick Galis.

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