Tuesday, December 1, 2009

BC Kalev Cramo and Josh Pace are still in court battles

An existing battle between BC Kalev Cramo and the agent for former Kalev Cramo player Josh Pace still continues.

Nate McCray of Dynasty Sports Management advised that he will continue to pursue the organization for unpaid salary that the team owes to Pace via his contract as team President Ivar Valdmaa, General Manager Remo Holsmer and the team lawyers continue to sidestep McCray's efforts to collect on a valid contract.

Efforts to go in the direction of filing a lawsuit were repressed back in late September when Kalev Cramo's management reached out to Pace and asked for a more reserved resolution to the situation without involving the media.  McCray advised that his client wanted to see if the team would make good on their promise to make the payments in September, but again Kalev Cramo has failed to make good on the agreement to settle the debt within a few months.

"The organization has continued to ignore there responsibility to take care of this debt while they continue business as normal, but use the economy as an excuse as to why they can't pay my client.  The Kalev Cramo sponsors should be concerned with how an organization like this mismanages their finances and can't even complete the simply task of meeting payroll.  One must ask if they can't meet payroll, can they pay the business taxes or take care of other business affairs", relayed McCray.

McCray advised that he will continue his efforts to see that the team honors their contract and settle the debt that they have with Pace.

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