Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tskitishvili wants to return to Panionios!

Nikoloz Tskitishvili recently had a change of heart and asked the Greek team to take him back.

According to, the Georgian forward/center sent a fax to the team of Panionios saying that he wants to honor his contract and play for Panionios. It seems that Fuenlabrada don't want to spend any
money to acquire him.

FIBA's verdict was that Panionios was in the right as the Greek team called the player to get paid and he took off for Spain. Tskitishvili's problem now is that he is no longer welcome in Panionios after this stunt and the administration of the Greek team have the right to suspend his contract for the next 6 months if they choose so.

That means he won't be able to play anywhere in Europe during this time. On the hand in Panionios they're waiting to complete the loan transfer of Zoran Erceg from Olympiakos that they believe should be completed fairly soon. Erceg has already had his first practice session with the team of Panionios today.

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