Sunday, January 16, 2011

Aris to replace Drucker and Dunston?

Someone needs to stir Aris back into course.

According to, Sharon Drucker is counting his last days, perhaps even hours, as the head coach of Aris BC. He started the season quite well but as the season went on the bad results started becoming a repeating occurence for Aris. It is the opinion of this blog that Sharon Drucker was the wrong choice of a coach for the Greek A1 league and that is reflected in losses even at home to poorer teams with weaker rosters. It is rumored that the administration of the team will start looking for a new head coach although that is not 100% certain. Drucker is under heavy scrutiny as the team made 2 consecutive losses that will prove critical in the next season and has to show a streak of bad performances against even the weakest opponents in the A1. Even if Drucker stays the team has made already made 6 losses and is in really bad shape.

Another unconfirmed rumor but from a reliable source says that Aris signed veteran center John Thomas(2.06-C) who played for Hapoel Holon last season. He averaged 12.8 points 8.6 points and 2.1 assists in 22 games in the Israeli League. He was invited last September by the Minnesota Timberwolves to participate in their training camp but he hasn't played for a team yet. He will probably replacing Bryant Dunston(2.01-PF) who was misused by Drucker as a center and averaged 6.2 points and 3.8 rebounds in 15.6 minutes of playing time. Rumors say that Thomas will be arriving to Greece on Tuesday.

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