Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Iraklis sent the contract to Smush Parker

If he sends it back they hit the jackpot.

Iraklis are in desperate position at the moment. They are way behind schedule and they just managed to get one more win in the league as they are desperately trying to avoid relegation. The team managed to return to the A1 league after many years but once again due to poor management the prospect of relegation looms menacingly over their heads once.

However the new coach, "firefighter extraordinaire", Giorgos Kalafatakis is going for the colpo grosso as they say in Italy and he will try to sign former NBA player Smush Parker(1.93-PG). Parker is no stranger to Greece as he won the Greek Cup with Aris back in 2004 and then he went on to play for the Lakers alongside Kobe Bryant. Since the glory days though, his career has taken a dip. He signed a contract with Spartak St. Petersburg in the beginning of the season but his conflict with head coach Svi Sherf got him sidelined. According to, Iraklis have sent the signed contract to Parker and they are awaiting his reply. This could be a great opportunity for Smush Parker as he will be getting ample playing time with Iraklis. Earlier this season he was offered to Aris BC but the deal didn't go through.

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Basketball Goals said...

Was not a big fan of smush when he was playing for the lakers but i wish him the best.