Saturday, February 12, 2011

Aris and Sharon Drucker parted ways

It took longer than expected.

Did it take another dramatic game that could even ended in a home loss against one of the weakest teams in the League? Aris beat Ilisiakos today in overtime at home and the team managed to lose a 16 point margin and almost lose the game against a team with fight to stay in the league.

After the game it was announced via the official website of Aris BC that the team and Sharon Drucker parted ways. The administration of the team announced to Sharon Drucker that they can no longer work with him and the announcement says that they parted ways as friends. It also says that a veteran of the team and former coach, Slobodan Subotic will be travelling to Thessaloniki tomorrow to discuss with the team the possibility of becoming head coach. Thanasis Papachatzis was also named in the announcement, who was assistant coach during season 2006-2008. What is strange here is that Aris and Subotic did not part ways on the best of terms as he left the team in 1997 to become head coach in Panathinaikos. Subotic and Papachatzis have worked together before so there is common ground there.

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