Sunday, February 13, 2011

Subotic the new coach for Aris amidst protests..

Slobodan Subotic is the new coach of Aris and it will be announced tomorrow.

The Slovenian veteran who coached Aris in the past returned to the Alexandrion Melathron stadium tonight after 8 years and he declared that he is happy to return home. He did after all help Aris become the legendary powerhouse of the 80s and his sharpshooting skills were an integral part of the team's arsenal. The official announcement will take place tomorrow.

However he didn't part ways with Aris back in 1997 on the best of terms. The conspiracy theory says that he lost the last game of 1997 against Peiraikos only so that Panathinaikos would gain a higher position in the leaderboard. Later that summer he signed with Panathinaikos and so he was declared a traitor by the fans. Nowadays the organised fans club of Aris that goes by the name of Super3, in an overzealous outbreak of self rightousness decided to rekindle the old hatred and declared him once again a traitor. An announcement of righteous anger and self indignation appeared on their website that begs the question.. why now?

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