Thursday, April 14, 2011

Bauermann scouting for.. Bagaric

He came to see first hand.

Dirk Bauermann was spotted in Maroussi according to and he didn't come just to see the game but to check out the veteran giant Dalibor Bagaric(2.17-C). Bagaric found his niche in Maroussi and revamped his career with some impressive figures in Greece and that didn't go unnoticed. Rumor has it that he rejected offers from Spanish teams to stay in Maroussi but it's very unlikely he will be there next season as well.

Maroussi is a little miracle in itself this season where the team was systematically led to extinction by the unwillingness of its former administration to participate but it was rescued at the very last moment and they put together a rag tag team of former veterans, young hopefuls and unknown players to the European crowds. One of these veterans was Bagaric who found himself comfortably tall amongst the lacking front-lines of the rest of the Greek teams. It seems that the recession did actually favor him. The article implies that Bagaric is a potential target for next season's Bayern Munich and their BBL debut. Bagaric has averaged so far 12 points 8.6 rebounds and 1.6 blocks in 17 games in Greece.

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