Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Aris dismissed Thomas, 2 centers to follow

If the flip-flop flies...

Rumor has it that John Thomas(2.06-C) launched a flip-flop against his head coach Slobodan Subotic and in an act of defiance left the video screening and subsequently the team. Regardless of the reason Aris BC are going to file a case against Thomas' contract in the league and the team announced via their official website that the American veteran is no longer a player of the team.

The announcement only mentions a disciplinary offense but it's no secret that Thomas wanted to leave the team so now he got his chance. Perhaps though not on the terms that he would have wanted. Perhaps a team in Israel could be his next stop.

In Aris they're thinking of the next day and are waiting patiently on the end of the Adriatic League Final Four to see if they can sign Marko Skekic(2.07-PF/C). His agent told that they would be very much interested in signing with Aris but it's up to Buducnost to release the player after the Final Four. The assistant coach of Aris BC Thanassis Papachatzis spoke to and he said that the team will be signing 2 centers. However none of them will play in the last game of the regular season against Ikaros tomorrow.

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