Saturday, August 23, 2014

Aris announced Muhammed Pasalic, Torey Thomas, Lamarcus Reed and others to follow

Hell, it's about time.

The officials of Aris probably didn't have the phrase from Starcraft 2 in mind and they didn't have to wait over 10 years but I bet 2.5 years without the ability to make transfers probably felt the same. The wait is over though and the combined efforts of a fledgling administration managed to overcome the damage of the criminal negligence and general incompetence (or was it something else) of the previous administration and in turn managed to reduce the team's debts and lift the sanction for FIBA. The announcement here describes the six bans that were imposed but that doesn't even make mention of the cases that never made it to FIBA and got resolved in Greece as that would have made the total scary at the very least.

Muhammed Pasalic (1.92-PG/SG) was also announced yesterday to seal the deal and he returns to Aris after a year in the ProB in France with Chalon Reims helping his team to achieve the promotion to ProA. The Bosnian combo-guard averaged 10.3 points 2.1 rebounds and 4.4 assists in a total of 48 games.

The next players to be announced are almost certain going to be Torey Thomas (1.83-PG), Lamarcus Reed III(1.96-SG/SF) and Vassilis Symtsak (2.06-C). Drew Naymick(2.08-C) is also rumored to follow but it's not certain at this stage if the deal is complete. Naymick and Reed share the same agent so that will help to smooth out negotiations. Thomas comes from 2 not so great stints in ProA and Lamarcus Reed could be a sleeper coming from a great season in the Cyprus League.

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