Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Kevin Aronis to try with Olympiakos

Sharp-shooter or one trick pony?

This is not a well known fact but it seems that Kevin Aronis(1.90-SG) formerly of New Mexico State is of Greek descent and is on his way to issue his brand spanking new Greek passport. What this means for Aronis is that it opens up the doors of the European Pro market as he can play as Bosman player for a whole lot of teams.

What it also means according to Sportday newspaper in Greece is that he will be trying with luck with Olympiakos but taking part in their practice. Aronis' strength is in his shooting where he averaged 44.1% (78/177) from the three point land. However he doesn't seem to impact his team's game any more than that. He averaged 7.6 points last season and he didn't seem to shoot much from anywhere but the three point land.

Aronis could be taking part in the preparation stage of Olympiakos but at the moment it seems more like a rumor than a possibility. We'll wait and see. It's like if Aronis can participate at this level of competition but this could pave the way for him in the rest of the Greek pro market.

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