Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Vladimir Jankovic will play in BC Mega

Vladimir Jankovic is the son of the late Boban Jankovic and one of the biggest talents to come out of Greece. He recently turned 18 years old and only now will he be signing his contract with Panionios. Jankovic who has greek citizenship was not called by Panionios in time to sign his first professional contract and that gave leverage to his agency to negotiate from the beginning with Panionios.

Jankovic belongs to the Beobasket agency and next year he will be playing on loan for BC Mega in Serbia that is the team that Beobasket uses to sharpen the skills of its players. The contract that he will sign with Panionios will be a 3-year contract and his first year in Serbia is a guarantee to the player that he will get enough playing time something that might have been unlikely if he had stayed with Panionios who would play again in the Euroleague reducing the chances of the young player for any significant playing time as he only played 6 games last year.

Jankovic is a part of the greek junior national teams.
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