Saturday, April 18, 2009

Knicks, Malaga and Real want Cabezas

Carlos Cabezas(1.86-PG) will be one of the most highly sought players this summer. According to statements that he made on his own website, the New York Knicks and Real Madrid are interested in signing him. He recently said that he is in a good age(28) to try for the NBA.

Cabezas' agent Arrinda Gorka has received offers from all 3 teams and the decision will be probably made in a month's time. Cabezas said that he is not going to sign anywhere until June 30th when his contract with Malaga expires. Malaga are trying to renew his contract but Cabezas is asking for more money and the expressed interested from Real and the Knicks can clearly be used as leverage. Cleverly enough he said that he would like to end his career in Malaga.

His agent is asking for more money but the administration of Malaga are not keen to give in and Cabezas will be probably sign the highest contract.It seems that there will be more episodes to this saga.

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