Thursday, January 28, 2010

Le Havre announced Ansu Sesay

Le Havre added veteran Ansu Sesay(2.06-SF/PF)

Le Havre signed a quality player to enhance their roster. They announced the signing of Ansu Sesay via their official website and tomorrow he will be arriving to France to undergo the medical examinations. Sesay has had a big career as a basketball player on both ends of the Atlantic Ocean.

He graduated from Mississippi and in 1998 he was drafted at number 30 by the Dallas Mavericks. After that he played on and off in the NBA and NBDL and had his NBA career playing for Seattle and Golden State. In Europe he played for Roseto, Napoli and Olimpia Milano and last season he played for Alba Berlin averaging 9.3 points 4.2 rebounds and  1.1 assists in a total of 43 games.

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