Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Tractor's transfer to Olympia was foiled!

Robert "Tractor" Traylor will not be playing in Greece after all..

According to, the head coach of Olympia, Georgios Kalafatakis said that certain people tried, and in doing so, succeeded in foiling Robert Traylor's(2.03-C) transfer to the Greek team. Admitedly the administration of Olympia Larisa have been very punctual with the salary payments of their players. Certain people contacted Robert Traylor and his agent and told him that the team is not good for their money, something that is far from the truth.

Last season the team was on the verge of bankruptcy but just before the season started they merged with another ailing club of the city of Larisa (AEL 1964) and joined their forces. By disbanding Chris Massie(2.06-C) and Devin Green(2.01-SF) they find themselves in a very precarious position where they need to sign a couple of players urgently in order to bounce back in their fight to avoid relegation.

It seems that the "sins" of their predecessors will haunt Olympia although they've managed to turn a new page in the finances of the club. Coach Kalafatakis is frantically scouring the market for another player.

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