Friday, January 29, 2010

Jasikevicius was withdrawn from Greek league

Jasikevicius will continue playing only in the Euroleague for Panathinaikos.

Sarunas Jasikevicius(1.93-PG) is one of the most decorated players of Panathinaikos and certainly needs no introductions. It just so happens though that at the of 33 he is an item of luxury and not a basic player for Panathinaikos. The Greek team have withdrawn Jasikevicius from the games of the A1 league allowing Georgi Shermadini(2.16-C) instead.

One explanation for this is that Jasikevicius doesn't cut it nowadays or it could be that Panathinaikos needs more players in the front-line rather than the backcourt. The absences of Tsartsaris and Batiste have deprived Panathinaikos of much needed firepower and support and the latest addition of Marcus Haislip is considered to be more necessary than that of Jasikevicius. Rumor is though that Jasikevicius will return as soon as Tsartsaris is ready to play again.

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