Wednesday, March 16, 2011

BC Khimki announced Rimas Kurtinaitis

BC Khimki and a well-known Lithuanian specialist Rimas Kurtinaitis signed an agreement to the end of the 2010/11 season, with a possible prolongation for another year.

The new coach will join the team in Tallinn, where the yellow-blue will go on Tuesday. The interim head coach Oleg Meleschenko has left the club.

Victor Bychkov, BC Khimki General Manager:

Because of the fact our team can not reach its proper level, and also as a result of painful defeats from direct competitors in the fight for the PBL Championship medals — UNICS and CSKA Moscow, we have made a difficult decision: to part with Oleg Meleschenko, an interim head coach. First of all, I would like to express my gratitude to Oleg, who spent several good seasons within the club's coaching staff and who at a difficult time was not afraid to take on the duties of a head coach. We wish Meleschenko good luck and hope that his career will continue to emerge successfully. 

A new BC Khimki head coach will be a well-known Lithuanian specialist, an Olympic champion — Rimas Kurtinaitis. In 2009 Lietuvos Rytas with Kurtinaitis won the European Cup, defeated BC Khimki in the final — it was one of the most painful defeats in our history. Rimas is a very hard-working coach. Moreover the very tasks before the team have not been removed — it's still a good performance in the final of VTB United League, as well as in the PBL Championship which ensures the entrance to Euroleague. We hope that together with Rimas we will achieve all the goals. 

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Emili Paz said...

BC Khimki had quite a dismal performance in this season of the Euroleague, same with another Russian team, CSKA Moscow. It is good to know that they are starting early and are looking to improve their performance within the domestic leagues first, and then hopefully the same results will happen in the Euroleague. The team could really use the experienced of Kurtinaitis as a basketball coach and propel them to the success that they aspire.