Wednesday, March 2, 2011

PJ Tucker wants to leave Aris

P.J. (Anthony) Tucker is not happy anymore.

The questionable performances and general unprofessional attitude in the last few games has sparked rumors about P.J. Tucker(1.98-SF/PF) and his future in Aris. It's rumored that the player has an offer from another team and some days ago the GM and coach of Bamberg went to watch him play aganist Goettingen.

According to last night's game against Le Mans probably was the last as a player of Aris. He left straight after the game without talking to anyone clearing displaying his dismay and finished the game without putting up any effort; something to be expected from the star of the team.

Tucker's contract makes him 30,000 USD per month which is the highest in the team of Aris. However the player was brought to Aris by Sharon Drucker who is no longer with the team and Tucker hasn't taken that all too well. He had a really good start but in the last few weeks his performance has dwindled to a halt. It's possible that he will be replaced by 2 players (a small forward that can shoot and a power forward) to cover gaps in the roster of Aris. So far he has averaged 15.9 points and 8 rebounds in 14 games in the Eurocup and also 12.2 points and 7.4 rebounds in the A1 Greek League.

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