Sunday, August 28, 2011

Mantzaris to Bilbao and then on loan to Aris

He needs playing time.

These days there isn't much time for any articles so I'll be as brief as I can but I'll also try to explain things in detail at the same time. There were previous reports that Vangelis Mantzaris(1.95-PG) had attracted interest from many teams and one of them was Bilbao. It seems now that he will be signing a multi-season deal with Bilbao that could possibly be announced this Monday according to

Mantzaris' intention is to get some more playing time but he has the luxury of picking a team that can play in the Eurocup as well these days and his choice is most probably Aris (unless something really unexpected happens). Mantzaris spoke to Kostas Sloukas(1.98-PG/SG) who also played for Aris on-loan last season and the head coach of Aris told him that he will be enjoying a starting-five position should he choose to play for them. Mantzaris was recently the final cut from the final squad of the Greek National Team which is a testament to his skill level at the young age of 21.

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