Monday, August 22, 2011

Sergio Kerusch for 3 seasons in Aris

The 3rd college boy of Aris.

Sergio Kerusch is the latest transfer of ARIS BC, he has signed a three-year contract and will hold a European spot in the team as his father is German. Kerusch is 1,95m tall and he plays forward but he can also be helpful as shooting guard. His passion and insistence are his great characteristics that allow him to score and gain many offensive and defensive rebounds.

Who is who:
Sergio Kerusch was born on June 1st 1989 in Memphis, Tennessee. He studied in Western Kentucky University with which he played in NCAA.

2008-09: Western Kentucky University (NCAA): 34 games, 24,7min, 11,2 ppg (44,6% fgp, 25,0% 3pt, 63,7% ft) and 7,4 rpg.
2009-10: Western Kentucky University (NCAA): 20 games, 28,9 min, 14,3 ppg (45,3% fgp, 35,5% 3pt, 61,7% ft) and 7,2 rpg.
2010-11: Western Kentucky University (NCAA): 32 games, 31,0 min, 15,6 ppg (48,5% fgp, 30,7% 3pt, 64,4% ft) and 7,9 rpg.

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