Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Olimpija released Marko Milic

Another release today. Olimpija Lubljana released Marko Milic (1.99-SF/PF). The captain of Olimpija will be leaving the team and that was announced via their official website. Milic is not in the plans of coach Zdovc to build the new team of Olimpija and so his presence in the team was deemed unnecessary. Part in this could have also played his knee injury that kept him out of the couts for 6 weeks.

Milic averaged 9 points, 3,7 rebounds, and 1,3 assists in 6 Euroleague games and 10,2 points 4,7 rebounds and 1,8 assists in 10 games of the Adriatic League. He is now a free agent and quite possibly a highly sought after player in Europe.
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