Thursday, January 22, 2009

Paok is falling apart

Paok is falling apart according to latest news and they are releasing at the moment up to four players from their roster. Following the rumors of imminent departure of Kenny Gregory and Mamoutou Diarra the greek team is also releasing Kostas Vasileiadis(2.00-SG/SF)(who is on-loan from Olympiacos) and Damir Mulaomerovic(1.94-PG).

These 4 players are key members of the roster of Paok and perhaps the team is cutting down on expenses since the team has no fear of relegation like last season having already accumulated a 9-6 record. It is unknown whether other players will leave. If this comes true there will be a total of 5 players leaving the team including K'Zell Wesson.

EDIT : Today, the representative of former president Drosos that left the team told the players that there is money at the moment to pay one more salary. It seems that Drosos will cover the debt at the end of the season but at the moment the players are free to do as they please. This potentially means that any given player can leave the team if they wish so.
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