Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Bonzi Wells to move to Europe?

Media reports from the Far East say Bonzi Wells'(1.96-SG/SF) professional basketball contract was terminated with a Chinese Basketball Association team Saturday.

Take China off the list. So is the former Central High School and Ball State star back in Muncie? Gawen Wells, Bonzi's father wouldn't confirm anything to The Star Press on Monday afternoon.

"I don't have no comments, man," said Gawen Wells, who has declined to provide The Star Press with current contact information for his son. "I'm sorry, you know -- it always gets me in trouble. I have no comments. I'll leave it at that."

According to the Agence France Presse, Wells failed to return to the communist country late last month after returning to the United States on the Chinese New Year's holiday break. A spokesperson for Wells' sports agency, BDA Sports, said the Muncie native would prefer to finish this season in a different foreign location. "It is Bonzi's preference to finish the season in Europe, and we are reviewing some opportunities for him," BDA Sports told The Star Press in a Monday evening e-mail.

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