Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Rumors about Kakiouzis and Aris

According to greek media Michalis Kakiouzis(2.07-SF/PF) has had an offer from Aris. The greek forward is currently a player of Efes Pilsen that is at the top of the turkish league. But according to the rules of the league Efes Pilsen would have to release one of their foreign players as they currently have 6.

It seems that the offer that Aris made to Kakiouzis is substantial for the veteran and that there isn't much difference between them as far as the financial part is concerned. It is now up to the administration of Efes Pilsen to decide whether they would like to release Kakiouzis or not.

Kakiouzis also made statements to a greek radio station saying that he would like to play for Aris at some point and that when he was asked by Andrew Betts he had only good things to say about Aris. Betts and Kakiouzis were teammates last season in Cajasol. Kakiouzis is very popular with the fans of Aris for some strange reason although he never admitted being a fan of the team.

So far he has averaged 8.1 points and 4 rebounds in 15 games in the turkish league and also 6.4 points and 3 rebounds in 10 games in the Euroleague. If Kakiouzis were to play for Aris this would probably mean the end for either Sean Marshall or Spencer Nelson..

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