Monday, February 2, 2009

Adeleke failed medical tests and cut by Alba

Alba Berlin on Saturday voided a contract signed with center Kenny Adeleke(2.05-C) earlier in the week after the results of his medical tests, which were part of the deal, were known. Adeleke, who averaged 13 rebounds per game for Lukoil Academic Sofia in the Eurocup regular season, had been signed by Alba on Monday but did not join the team for its road game to play Maccabi Electra Tel Aviv, which resulted in a 31-point loss.

He was to have fortified Alba's frontcourt, which recnetly lost veteran center Patrick Femerling(2.15-C). Alba must now play the next two Top 16 games with only one center, Adam Chubb(2.07-PF/C), because under Euroleague rules it cannot register an additional player until between the third and fourth games of this round.

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