Saturday, March 28, 2009

CSKA Sofia to lend 3 players to Paok for free!

CSKA Sofia is going to lend 3 players to Paok for free! The owner of CSKA Sofia, Georgios Sterianopoulos spoke to a greek sports radio and said that he would like to help Paok in this time of need by lending 3 players to the team without asking for any monetary compensation. Of couse this is easy for CSKA Sofia as Sterianopoulos pulled the team out of the bulgarian league!

At the moment Paok is in "administration limbo" because Dimitris Drossos resigned as president of the team and Georgios Sterianopoulos who wanted to take over the team 2 years ago, has stepped in to save the day. This looks more like a publicity stunt than anything else. The reason behind this move is that there is now a new rule in the greek league that states that all teams must finish the league with the amount of non-greek players that they started which case all these players would need to do is just sit on the bench and that's it!
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