Saturday, March 7, 2009

Koufos rejected offer from Olympiakos last summer

Kostas Koufos(2.16-C) gave an interview to greek magazine "Tachydromos" where he revealed that Olympiakos approached him last summer. The greek center said that Olympiakos wanted to sign him for 3 years offering him a total of 5 million euros for that duration. 

Koufos said that he was intrigues by the offer but his priority was to succeed in the NBA if he would play with less money. He said that he would consider playing in Greece later on in his career but his priority was to better his skills and become a player worthy to take up a spot in the Utah Jazz roster. He also said that he is proud to be greek and if he gets an invitation to play in the National Team he will not hesitate. 

Koufos is still in the Utah roster and he has not been passed on to Utah Flash in the NBDL. He said he is trying to become a better player but above all he must learn to be patient! Kostas Koufos has so far averaged 4.7 points and 2.9 rebounds in 48 games for Utah.
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