Saturday, March 7, 2009

Rumors about Ricky Rubio

Sponsors are disappearing in Europe much as in the United States, where NBA franchises are not receiving the anticipated income from auto manufacturers, banks and other sponsors that are suddenly unable to pay. The difference is that the NBA was able to secure a $200 loan to be distributed among 15 cash-poor teams.

The leagues in Europe can't dream of that kind of security because basketball isn't a profitable enterprise. Now there are rumors that 18-year-old Spanish point guard Ricky Rubio, the top European prospect should he choose to enter the NBA draft, could be moved for cash to a wealthier European club because current employer DKV Joventut of Spain is in trouble financially.

Two insiders have shot down the rumors, suggesting that Rubio will remain with Joventut for the rest of the year. For NBA fans, here is the real question: Does the recession in European basketball increase the chances that Rubio will enter the draft to cash in on a multiyear NBA rookie contract assuring him $3 million next season?

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