Monday, August 31, 2009

Paok aiming high but already in trouble

The team of Paok are aiming high with their transfers this season and they're trying to sign good players with as less money as possible but it seems that they're already in trouble with the Greek Federation.

Let's start from the beginning though. The team of Paok are interested in Georgian forward/center Nikoloz Tskitisvili(2.13-PF/C) to complement their frontline after signing Wade Heliwell(2.11-C) and Predrag Drobnjak(2.11-C), according to Greek media. They are also interested in bringing back veteran Ioannis Giannoulis(2.07-PF/C) who played for Panionios last season. Obviously the case of Tskitisvili is difficult as Paok don't really have much money so they would need to bring down Tskitisvili's demand for a contract. Giannoulis on the other hand wishes to end his career playing for the team that made him popular, so that case sounds a lot easier.

On the other hand, the Hellenic Professional Basketball Players Association released a statement today saying that they are putting themselves in favor of Panayotis Kafkis(1.95-PG) and Giorgos Tsiaras(2.07-SF/PF) who had signed last season, 2-season contracts with the previous administration of Paok(Dimitris Drossos). The contracts sum up to 180,000 and 230,000 euros respectively and they would form close to half of Paok's players' budget for this season. Hence the Greek team decided to take this matter into court claiming that the players signed their contracts with the previous administration and they are not liable for them. Kafkis and Tsiaras also sued their team, that currently banned them from practicing with the rest of the team. Suffice is to say that Tsiaras and Kafkis are looking for other teams to continue their career in.

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