Saturday, November 21, 2009

Tskitishvili.. the plot thickens..

In Panionios they are planning ahead after Nikoloz Tskitishvili(2.10-PF/C) bailed out on them.

According to, Panionios will be replacing Nikoloz Tskitishvili with Slovakian veteran Martin Rancik(2.05-PF). He had been another option in the past for Panionios but in the end they decided not to go for him. Now it seems that things have changed. Last season he played for Estudiantes but he was injured and got replaced by Petar Popovic(2.10-C). He averaged 6.6 points and 3.4 rebounds in 22 games in the ACB.

On the other front, according to, a fax from the Greek Basketball Federation arrived at the offices of Panionios requesting Tskitishvili's letter of clearance. The player was supposed to receive his first contract payment on Friday and the people of the team would get a rented flat for him but he didn't show up. He had been staying in a hotel for the last few days. Tskitishvili spoke to and said that he hasn't received any money from Panionios and that he was staying in a hotel for 2 weeks.

The administration of Panionios issued a court dispute to the player as he didn't go to collect his payment on Friday and they will be filing a contract suspension on Monday, everything by the book. The suspension will last for 6 months unless of course Tskitishvili magically appears this evening in Greece to play for Panionios. After that the Greek team will take up the matter to FIBA to safeguard their rights against professional misconduct. Effectively this means that if the administration of Panionios want to push things to their limits Tskitishvili won't be able to get a letter of clearance for the next 6 months. In Fuenlabrada they were expecting to sign Tskitishvili but as the player already had signed a contract with Panionios it would seem unwise to try and break the contract simply be fleeing the scene..

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