Thursday, November 20, 2008

Chaos in Domzale

Looking at the final result, 96-82 for Helios, hardly anyone could believe that this was anybody's game in the 39th minute. FMP was 3 points down with the ball, and then total chaos ensued according to a report from

FMP's coaching staff couldn't tolerate the referees anymore and decided to take it upon themselves and withdraw the team from the court after only president Covic's request did coach Klipa return to the court to finish the game.

Referees then appointed 8 FTs to Helios due to 3 technical fouls and one expulsion whistled on FMP, and the game was ended. As a consequence, FMP filed a complaint on referees Muhvic and Pehar, who are accused for being biased, whistling favorable for hosts, even not reacting on nationalistic behavour towards Israeli Guy Pnini.Referees themselves filed a report on FMP management, and yet to see how's the official body to react on all those happenings.

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