Saturday, December 11, 2010

David Blatt no longer the favourite for the Greek NT

It all comes down to money in the end.

According to, the reason that David Blatt is no longer the favourite to replace Jonas Kazlauskas is because Russia stepped in with a better offer. David Blatt has yet to receive a considerable amount of money from the Russian Federation that comes to 150,000 euros. Moreover the president of the Russian Federation met with David band made him another offer for 2 more seasons that will pay Blatt 300,000 euros per season.

This put David Blatt in an awkward position where his agent called the Greek federation and asked for a little more time before his final answer is given. Hence the Greek Federation is no longer rooting for Blatt and another candidate will be sought. Chances are that this time it will be a Greek coach but the article only makes speculations as to whom it might be in the end. Elias Zouros is currently free and coach Giorgos Bartzokas might be free at the end of the season whereas Fotis Katsikaris is bound by ACB rules so he can't coach a National Team.

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