Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Qyntel Woods heading to China?

China is the new Russia!

Qyntel Woods(2.03-SF/PF) recently signed with Krasne Krilya in Russia but now that the Russian team won't make it to the next stage in the Eurocup he is setting his sights to a more.. exotic location. According to his twitter feed, Qyntel Woods is interested in playing in China.

It's the new hotspot for American players, a league still in its infantile stages where superstars can be easily forged and stats soar to the skies without too much effort. And of course the money is good. Some players might not be so willing to cross an ocean or two to play basketball in China but some players have settled there quite nicely and Qyntel Woods might just be the next one to make that move. A prolonged period of inactivity cannot be good for a basketball player. He didn't settle in Russia but in China he might just make the impact that he would have wanted.

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