Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Aris to retain the rights for Kostas Mitoglou

The Greek club will possibly go to FIBA to present their case.

Kostas Mitoglou(2.07-PF/C) is heading to Wake Forest as previously mentioned. He will be earning himself a degree in the United States of America and he will be taking part in the best collegiate level program in the world attracting views from NBA scouts but also from scouts around Europe.

According to Greek law Mitoglou was not obliged to sign a pro contract once he reached the age of 18 and so his former club, Aris BC, albeit for one season only, will probably have the upper hand in negotiations about the player's career. In the club this set of affairs left a bitter taste as Aris helped out Mitoglou during his season with the team and won the U18 Championship for Northern Greece and ended up 4th in the country.

Aris' other glamorous prospects, Lefteris Bochoridis and Alexandar Vezenkov were sure to put a good spin in Mitoglou's collegiate dreams. Vezenkov has been voted twice in a row for the last 2 seasons as the best young player in Greece and Bochoridis has attracted interest from Panathinaikos and other teams around Europe.

Mitoglou's father said on Greek radio that they've been looking into the NCAA prospect for the last 2 years now so that doesn't really come as a shock. Furthermore there is a private contract between Mitoglou's father and Aris BC that states that they need to return any money they received from Aris if Kostas Mitoglou does not sign a pro contract. Obviously noone in Greece would like to give up money this day and age, so Mitoglou's father stated that he would love to co-operate with the president of Aris BC in resolving dispute to suit everyone's interests. Effectively this means that once Mitoglou returns from the NCAA Aris will still have the rights to the player. If Mitoglou's side does not consent to this they'll be losing a substantial sum of money and also money will be lost by Asteria AC that owned the player's rights before his move to Aris.

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