Sunday, July 20, 2014

Cedric Simmons wants to leave Olympiacos

He is trying to escape!

According to newspaper FOS that is affiliated to Olympiacos, Cedric Simmons(2.06-C) is looking for a way to leave Olympiacos. That seems difficult though. A few days ago Olympiacos announced that they are renewing the contracts of Cedric Simmons and Brent Pettway(2.06-PF). That was more of a typical announcement though.

Cedric Simmons doesn't seem to want to play for Olympiacos next season and why would he. Othello Hunter(2.03-C) has already been drafted to replace him and he was told he will only be playing in the Euroleague games. Obviously that doesn't fare well for his future contract aspirations and there is already a contract waiting for him from Trabzonspor that don't play in the Euroleague but instead they offered him a contract of 1.15 million dollars for 2 seasons. All of his salaries have been paid for last season and now Simmons is bound to Olympiacos for another season.

One might say why keep a player that doesn't want to stay in your team. That would be a problem for some teams especially if one of their star players wanted to leave but Cedric Simmons is at the other end of the spectrum. Olympiacos asked for 250,000 dollars to release the player so now it's a battle of wills. Simmons would either fall in line like a good soldier or try to find a way out of this by perhaps paying off Olympiacos with some of his own money.

Chances are that both sides will meet halfway but if they don't Simmons would have to wait out one season with possibly not much playing time. No pressure there..

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