Sunday, July 20, 2014

Background info on the Dorsey transfer to Houston

The unseen war in the shadows of basketball players transfers...!

Below is the twitter feed of Giorgos Dimitropoulos head of Octabon BE.

Its now OFFICIAL. @OctagonBballEU center Joey Dorsey signed to @HoustonRockets on a 2-year guaranteed deal. Great day for Joey, back in NBA.

But it’s a sad day for european basketball. A Valencia-based CLOWN named Moises did NOT manage to recruit Joey Dorsey for Misko Rasnatovic.

...As much as he tried, by telling Joey that Misko controls Efes and half of basketball universe, Joey Dorsey did NOT finally buy it...

Its amazing how ridiculously they talk to players as if they re 4years old. First we all have the information that Efes will sign Lasme...

Knowing that Krstic is a different player and what Efes needs,they tell Dorsey switch agents/come to us, we have a deal on the table for you.

...then, of course, they sign Krstic there and they get back to Dorsey saying “wow, you lost the deal…and we signed Krstic instead of you…”

And Misko is using a guy that is in clothes distribution and has no idea about basketball...Moises whatsoever...players, STOP BYUING CRAP!

Will there be a backlash? It'd be interesting to see..

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